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Stunning, Original Concrete FANTAIL Wall hanging

Stunning, Original Concrete FANTAIL Wall hanging

$ 24.99

How can you resist?

Grab a real piece of kiwiana, handcrafted in NZ, by a small local business – what more can you ask for?

Product Description


Your Fantail wall hanging will measure roughly 22x18cm and will come with a hook for hanging – or you can simply prop.

Colours – they come primarily in black, white, grey with subtle touches of browns and gold… but we are open to custom geometric painting, by request.
Finished with a gloss seal – ready to hang.
These are constructed out of our hand selected plastercrete mix and have a lead time of approx 3 weeks. If your order is urgent, please let us know at checkout and we’ll do our best to get it out beforehand.

(Fantails grow to 16 cm (6.3 in) in length, of which half is the tail, which, as the name implies, is often displayed fanned out. This reveals that the outer tail feathers that are light and the centre ones are dark. Some subspecies are found in a darker plumage, notably the “black fantail” morph seen in 4% of South Island birds and less than 1% of North Island birds (it is completely absent from the Chatham Islands). The black morph lacks the white areas and so is dark all over apart from a white spot behind the eye.
Juveniles are similar to the adults but have a browner body and indistinct body markings. – Wikipedia)

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