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Jar of Pickled Peckers

Jar of Pickled Peckers

$ 14.00


Thanks for checking out my listing! We all know someone who could do with a jar of these as a joke!

Product Description

You’re bidding on a handmade jar of pickled peckers. (Not for realsies, they’re fake, obviousiously…. or are they?)

These come in a glass jar of approx 300ml.

Personalised options available… why not try one of the following…
A decanter of Dicks for ……..
A decanter of Doodles for…..
A Can of Cocks for…..
A vessel of Veiny Victors
A beaker of balls for……
A Tumbler of Turgid Tools for…..
A hoard of hairy
A mass of manhood for….
A congregation of Cocks for….
A bunch of balls for….

Check out my other listings for equally cool things – I’m happy to combine shipping, where possible.

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